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Na piscina

O acesso à zona da piscina , é unicamente por defeito ,permitido a maiores de 18 anos.

Menores , deverão ser acompanhados obrigatoriamente de um adulto , que se responsabilizará pelo mesmo.

A piscina está identificada na sua bordadura , com as diversas profundidades da mesma. O mergulho só é permitido na zona mais profunda da mesma.

O uso de colchões , bolas , ou outro tipo de equipamentos , está completamente proibido , de forma a não incomodar , qualquer outro possivel utilizador da piscina.

O acesso a animais à zona da piscina não é permitido.

A piscina está devidamente identificada como "piscina não vigiada".

At the pool

Pool access is, by default, only allowed for those over the age of 18. Minors shall always be looked after by at least 1 adult, whom will be responsible for said minors.

The pool depth is written on the edges of the pool.

Diving is oly allowed in the deepest end of the pool.

The use of inflatable floats or inflatable pool toys is strictly forbidden in order not to bother any other guests that might also be using the pool.

Pets are not allowed in the pool area.

The pool is a 'Non-watched' pool, therefore, there is no lifeguard.

Pool hours are between 8am and 21pm.

At the gym

Gym access is only allowed for those over the age of 18.

Under no circumstances, even if being looked after by an adult, should a minor use the gym equipment.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside the gym.

We expect a responsible use of the gym equipment by our guests.

At the river

River access is entirely the responsability of our guests.

Respecting the rights and freedoms of each individual, it is not up to us to block or allow access to the river banks, as well as the river itself, therefore, being a public space, we take no responsability whatsoever for anything that might happen shall you decide to go into the river.

The pedal boats are by default, for adult use only.

Should you take a minor on the pedal boats, he is under your responsability.

Children under the age of 14 shall not go on the pedal boats, even if accompanied by an adult.

The use of life-vests is mandatory

Maximum capacity is of 2 persons


At the parking lot

Your vehicle (s) must be within the signaling lanes at the parking spot. You should also follow the instructions that the employee may give you in this matter, in order to organize the distribution of motor vehicles in the way we think the most correct.



At the houses/Your Check-in

As to avoid energy wastes, we ask you to inform us in advance about your estimated time of arrival.Should you not inform us, there is a chance the wood stoves will not be kindled at the time of your arrival.

Thus, it is essential that you inform us on your expected arrival hours, preferably via text, to the number: +351 960 258 399, simply describing the name of the house you booked, and your time of arrival.

Most of our houses are equipped with wood stoves, evidently, this means you should take extra care with children around it.

In the event of you not wanting to use the wood stoves, we can always arrange for some other type of heating device, usually a small portable heater, however we cannot guarantee total comfort in terms of ambient temperature shall you decide to use only the small electric heater



All of our houses have garbage bags which should be properly tied up before being thrown in the garbage bins that can either be found by the parking lot, or right outside 'Casa 9' and 'Casa 10'

Under no circumstances should you throw food remains or any other type of garbage that's not inside of a tied up bag, into said containers.


At 'Casas da Azenha', we are truly not interested in seeing clothes hanging scattered across the surroundings,

However, we have established a partnership with a local laundry , in a way to minimize what our guests pay there , so you can enjoy your vacation without worring about doing laundry

We can take your laundry there every Monday and Wednesday.


At the houses/Considerations
At the houses/Waste
At the houses/Laundry
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